“Inspiring dreams
and changing lives”

is probably the motto we have in our minds and hearts,
as wholeheartedly, we work towards changing lives through education
and sports. Providing avenues to those who are impaired with the
opportunities to fair with those who are with privilege, changing their
lives for the better. We also hope to inspire others to take the same path
so the charity will be widespread, all the time.


Tunas Bestari

TUNAS BESTARI GOLF DEVELOPMENT PROJECT INTRODUCTION “Projek Tunas Bestari” (hereinafter referred to as “project”) is a project introduced by Tan Sri [...]


TSMCG Overseas Student Fund

TSMCG Overseas Student Fund The TSM Charity Golf Foundation's earliest contributions were to bright and promising students furthering their studies overseas. By [...]


Natural Disaster

MISI BANTUAN BENCANA ALAMSertai MISI TSMCG FOUNDATION dengan membantu mangsa-mangsa banjir dengan menyumbang secara terus ke tabung akaun Yayasan yang tertera. Sila email butiran [...]